Kitchen Remodel vs Bathroom Remodel – Which Adds More Value?

The two most common remodel projects are kitchens and bathrooms for a home. Both projects require careful planning and investment to ultimately increase the home’s value. When you have these projects in front of you the question becomes, which project will bring a better return on my investment? And what should I start first? Our team at Maverick Remodeling & Construction is ready to help and provide you with some thoughts on which remodel adds more value to your home.

The Value of a Kitchen Remodel

Kitchens are a gathering place in the home. Friends and family spend more time in their kitchens than any other room. It’s no wonder that many of our customers are eager to remodel their kitchen. Whether you are hoping to flip a house or just increase the value of your home for yourself, it’s important to know how much value a kitchen remodel will give your home. Remodeling magazine found the following in 2018 on a national scale:

  • Average Cost of Major Upscale Kitchen Remodel: $125,000 with 53% return on investment

The Value of a Bathroom Remodel

Another popular remodeling project is updating, expanding or adding on a bathroom. Simply changing fixtures or expanding a sink can give a bathroom more value and ultimately increase the value of a home too. Our team at Reliable Home Improvement have long standing expertise in helping you design the bathroom that is best to fit your needs, whether it be for your family right now or for getting your home ready to sell at top value. Take into account what remodeling magazine found the following in 2018:

  • Average Cost of Upscale Bathroom Remodel: $61,600 with 56% return on investment
  • Average Cost of Upscale Bathroom Addition: $83,800 with 54% return on investment

Updating or even adding a bathroom is also a very wise investment to help add value to your home.

When it comes to your home, we know that it is very important that you choose the right contractor. At Maverick Remodeling we pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with our clients. We do this by offering professional craftsmanship, quality products, and exceptional customer service.

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